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April 2015

The Red Door / San Diego, California

Real Fine Food in Miami

The Red Door

Wow, this is the most prime example I have seen of really, REALLY local farm-to-table. Or, in The Red Door's case, garden-to-table. The owner, Trish Watlington, grows about 7000 lbs of the restaurant's produce in her own garden just twenty minutes from the restaurant. Her chef, Miguel Valdez, works to use up every bit of the plants in non-threatening and creative ways. A shining example of how to do the slow food / real food / local food thing the best it can be. I feel honored to have been able to chat with Trish, tour her garden and experience The Red Door's food. 



• It doesn't get fresher at a restaurant than produce grown by the owner

• Cozy, refined bistro setting that is so welcoming

• Veggies, nut milks, healthier ingredients are integrated across the whole menu without being fussy or particular about it. This is just...great food.

• These people truly care about offering clean, sustainable food.



• Turnip pasta. Whoa. 

• Terrific wine list.

• Super seasonal, regional menu that changes as it needs to with available ingredients


The Red Door

741 W. Washington Street, San Diego, CA 92103

Garden to Table at The Red Door
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