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April 2015

Moncai Cafe / San Diego, California

Moncai Vegan in San Diego
Moncai Vegan Restaurant


Don Jackson started his chef-ing at the Farmers Market with donuts. Having gone vegan in culinary school, he and his partner offered donuts for about three years when people started asking for other food. So, they started offering some savory dishes. And it sold quickly. People came to the market just to get his food. So, here we are down the line, a bit, at his brick & mortar.



• Casual, easy-going ambiance

• Entirely plant-based menu

• Well-trained, studied and enthusastic owners and chefs!



• Obviously, they know pastries. Don't miss them. Best cinnamon roll I've ever eaten. Plant-based or no!

• Moncai means "monkey" in gaelic and is the nickname of his love. Adorable.🐒💘


Moncai Cafe

3025 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140

Real Fine Food in San Diego
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