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April 2015

Kindred / San Diego, California

Bar Kindred Charcuterie Board
Kindred owner Kory Stetina
Kindred, the spirit animal


Kory Stetina has never owned a restaurant or bar before. So, how he managed to create this fantasy dream spot with such success is a tale of everything coming together perfectly.


As you approach Kindred's corner in University Heights, the church window-frame style panels give a hint of the holiness inside. Upon entry, your breath may escape you a bit. White, pink and black with gold accents fill the space from wall to wall down to the badass matchbooks. Glance up and the mirrored ceiling takes you to a historic fancy Parisian apartment. But no, you are in San Diego.  Marble table tops, Kindred's gigantic spirit animal head on the far wall, custom wallpaper. 


And, omg, we haven't even looked at the menu, yet.



• Design is unique and outstanding. Every single detail added with purpose & care.

• Truly incredible food - familiars, creatively spun. Entirely plant-based.

• Cocktails - top notch ingredients and mixology happening

• Heavy metal kitten bathroom decor



• Charcuterie Board. W O W Shaved red chili & orange seitan?! Killer.

• BBQ jackfruit sandwich (omg...see below)

• The window panels fold up, garage-door style, when weather is nice

• I loved everything about this place...I can't wait to go here again.



1503 30th St, San Diego, CA 92102

Kindred, the spirit animal
Kindred owner Kory Stetina
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