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I was too scared to start a backyard garden in the past.

My opposite-of-a-green thumb had me tricked that I couldn't do it!

This year, with the help of the amazing organic gardening center, Redenta's, I took the plunge.


If you have also been hesitant to grow your own food, I recommend just DIVING IN like I did.

It's exciting, exhilarating and oh so satisfying. Not to mention a valuable skill.

Oh, and hey - there is NOTHING more delicious or nutritious than organic veggies and herbs

pulled from your own backyard.

Every single step of my aboveground backyard vegetable garden is below.

Most recent pics at top...go all the way back to see the progress from the beginning!

Click into the photos for more info on each step.


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Mar 14 2015

I also planted a few potatoes in the top. But then Kim from Redenta's Garden Shops got back to me she had done a little research and potatoes and tomatoes maybe don't work so well side-by-side. So, I moved the potatoes to the second tier. However...I think I left one in the top so we'll see what happens. POTATO PLANTING: It all starts with...a potato. Little new growths facing up. Drop into 4" or so hole. Cover. Cross fingers.