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Healthy breakfast ideas


So much accepted breakfast is dessert. I usually prefer to start my day with nutrients.

Ya know - nutritious, delicious, made with love!

A few ideas of things I grow, prepare and find at farms and restaurants around the world below. 

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Real Food!
What to eat fora healthy lunch


Often my main meal. I try to avoid plates that will make my afternoon tired.

Eat local, fresh, clean food by Stephanie M. Casey


We've been trained by corporate food that cooking is a waste of time. It's not. :) 

Healthier dessert options and sweet treats


I don't waste my time with baked goods unless fresh from the oven. And dark chocolate rules the world.

How can I eat better? What are nutrients?

Nutrient Glamour Shots

Farmers Market Hauls, Food plants pulled from the earth. Beautiful.

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