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April 2015


Real Fine Food



San Dieeeeeeegoooo!!!


Wow, the places and people I got to meet, learn from and taste with on this trip! Really something.


San Diego is a great place for great food - the climate is superb for growing, it's right on the coast for fresh fish and the city is full of folks who appreciate those elements. 


Therefore, many options of fresh fresh fresh delicious and innovative concepts. Check out the spots I hit, below.








I started my visit hitting up the Hillcrest Farmers Market with friends. Such gorgeous produce - I bought a little pile of good stuff to make us a tasty dinner.


Kindred truly blew my mind. This is how you effect change in the food system - offer ridiculously amazing food in a killer setting. The side note is all the food is plant-based. Devoted anti-vegans won't even notice. 


Trish of The Red Door offers the most prime example of a locavore, sustainable real food restaurant I've come across, yet. She grows 7000 pounds of her restaurant's yearly food in her own hillside backyard garden, just 20 minutes from the restaurant. And Chef Miguel uses up every bit of it on the menu. Also, the space is cozy-fancy and that food...incredibly delicious.


Don of Moncai started with pastries. His restaurant offers lots of other great, solid food but man! don't miss his cinnamon rolls, donuts and such. One of the best cinnamon rolls I've ever put down the gullet. And there's no animal product involved. Don's a cinnamon roll don. 


Coral at Garden Kitchen started her adorable bodega restaurant with two goals - cooking everything from scratch and knowing where the ingredients come from. Well, she succeeded and the place is awesome.



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