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December 2015


Real Fine Food



Miami, your food scene wooed me. Wooed me hard.


I had the pleasure of checking out what this distinct city has to offer in the way of Real Fine Food at the end of 2015. Miami is packed with options and the people behind the establishments are brimming with passion and integrity. I covered high and low and a few different areas of town. Wow am I excited to share these people and places with you! 


Click a pic to read about the experience at each spot and drool over super delicious food...








One overnight at Paradise Farms, a place so special - I feel extremely lucky to have met Gabriele and experienced this magical, mystical place. 


NiDo Caffé transported me the second I stepped inside. Then there was Luca and Claudio and tasting of a superior list of affordable organic & biodynamic wines. Swoon.


South Beach's Plant Theory blew my mind. Just go here, go here now. I'm not kidding when I say a quick stop over in Miami may happen just to eat Sheryn's food again. 


Full Bloom is owned by three Italians who will place plant-based dishes in front of you that are gorgeous and taste as good as they look. On the waterfront with a skylineview, no less. 


Step onto the Essensia Restaurant patio for fresh, lighter fare in a stylish & peaceful setting. Are you in Miami or your own classy movie?


In the Vintro hotel is Vintro Kitchen. Lots of good to be had. especially their perfectly-cooked seafood options. A mix of fresh mediterranean and latin flavors, delicious.


Basil Park's owner ditched his last restaurant once he learned about how food affects the body, as he struggled with his own weight gain. Now he serves healthy food from a local farm.


Miam Café's snazzy exterior will get your attention. The in-house pastries, simple tasty food and French-owner approved coffee will keep it.




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