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February 2018
Nature's Plate Breakfast Cookie

Nature's Plate

Nature's Plate is one of Dallas' terrific healthy prepared-meals food options. Located in the Lake Highlands area of East Dallas, the once home delivery-only service is now about to open its second store front!

Creating prepared meals for folks interested in healthy, real food is their game. It's all plant-based. Ingredients are mostly made from scratch, in-house. They work hard to use minimum amounts of common allergens and dietary restriction ingredients such as sugar, gluten and oils.

This is good food and it's great stuff to stock up on so when you are hungry during the week, there is a healthy option to grab.

I recently did a week of Nature's Plate breakfasts. During weekdays, I go to 5:30 and 6am yoga classes and struggle sometimes to work in a healthy breakfast option afterwards, often defaulting to just a coffee until lunch. Having these breakfast options on hand changes that.

Click pics above to see the photos larger.

Below is what I ate. My top faves are starred!

Black Bean & Quinoa Taco

Black beans and quinoa, spiced up with jalapeno and lime!  


Picadillo Potato Taco**

Flavorful taco meat (house made) with organic gold potatoes - spiced and wrapped up in an organic corn tortilla 



Breakfast Burrito Bowl**

roasted potatoes and black beans in a whole grain tortilla.  With house made Ranch!



Carrot Cake Breakfast Cookie**

 chia seeds, pecans, and carrots... sweetened with applesauce and maple syrup



Cranberry Orange Oatmeal

Hearty rolled gluten-free oats with creamy almond milk, cranberries, chia seeds, and pecans - flavored with a touch of vanilla and orange zest



Hearty Breakfast Plate

In-house made breakfast sausage w/ seasoned, roasted potatoes, and tofu scramble!



Raspberry Breakfast Parfait

raspberries and chia seeds, sweetened with dates, topped with house made granola



10233 E. Northwest Hwy, Suite 432

Dallas, TX 75238

Vegan Breakfast Options


Nature's Plate

Plant-based Breakfast Options...Tasty, healthy, yum!

Vegan Breakfast Bowl in Dallas
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