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December 2015

Vintro Kitchen / Miami, Florida

Real Fine Food in Miami
Real Fine Food Miami

Vintro Kitchen

“Inspired by the Ingredient.” A melding of mediterranean and latin flavors, the seafood here was phenomenal. Prepared to perfection with simple, top-notch ingredients - letting the main ingredient shine. Hit this hip hotel kitchen for grilled octopus atop gigande beans, calamari with squid ink aioli and the grilled fish of the day.



• Space is very chic

• Menu has sections of "barely touched," "hot off la plancha (grill)," and "flavor"

• Everything we ate was top notch - even the bread was killer

• Little accents bringing in latin flavors, such as cilantro sprouts



• The octopus was incredible

• So was the whole snapper - accompanied by a light arugula sauce

• And the calamari...notice a trend? Items from the sea are clearly beloved by the chef and prepared with true love.💘


Vintro Kitchen

2216 Park Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Real Fine Food in Miami
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