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December 2015

Miam Café / Miami, Florida

Real Fine Food in Miami

Miam Café

Miam gets attention because of its stunning exterior but is also a low key stop in the creative Wynwood district to grab a little nosh. The French manager goes for simple & pure. Pastries are made in-house and ingredients sourced well. Try a basic plate of eggs and fried potatoes or the exceptional lemon poppy scone. To satisfy a chocolate sweet tooth, the adorably-presented mini-mason jar Miamchiatto is there for you. And you know a Frenchman won’t mess around with coffee. It’s sourced from Miami roasters.



• Great basics for a quick "real food" meal

• Amazing treats

• Extremely instagrammable 📷



• The lemon poppy scone was so good. The icing reminded me of the grocery store pop can cinnamon buns except homemade and next level!!

• Go for the Miamciatto if you are a coffee / chocolate fan, definitely.


Miam Café

2750 NW 3rd Ave Suite 21, Miami, FL 33127

Real Fine Food in Miami
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