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December 2015

Full Bloom / Miami, Florida

Real Fine Food in Miami
Vegan food in Miami

Full Bloom

Three Italians somehow ended up in Miami opening a fine dining vegan restaurant together. Lucky us! That translates to a refined plant-based dining experience with a waterfront skyline view where everything on the menu is a kind, conscious choice. Oh, and it's delicious. Beautifully-presented plates such as asparagus, leek and parsley cream soup, beet pappardelle and black & white sesame tofu on black rice with grilled pineapple will show up in front of you. 



• Beautiful spot with ample patio dining on the water with a city view

• Soy, oil and gluten-free options 

• Lunch & dinner service

• Three handsome Italians, at your service 😉



• The special beet pappardelle, above. And that soup. Yes yes yes. 🍵


Full Bloom

11 Island Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Real Fine Food in Miami
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