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December 2015

Essensia / Miami, Florida

Real Fine Food in Miami
Garden to Table at Essensia


This classic, soft & breezy outdoor dining experience feels like an unfussy, upscale secret spot Hollywood luminaries of a bygone era would choose. Ingredients sourced from local farms and even their own poolside garden go into dishes such as a stone fruit & burrata salad, a vegetarian club sandwich that will knock your socks off and splendid mussels. Presented beautifully, this healthy whole food is customized by Chef Venoy. Cocktails by mixologist Leo are equally impressive - some even meant to pair with specific dishes. 



• Really lovely, calm outdoor space

• Options for all diets

• You can't get fresher than ingredients from an onsite garden

• Fresh takes on familiar dishes



• Both flavors of mussels were exceptional and perfectly cooked.

• The Garden Essentials cocktail was exactly how I like a cocktail - poppin' with fresh-picked bang. • I waited until the end to dive into the veggie sandwich, reluctantly, because I had gotten pretty full. AND WOW IT WAS GOOD. Even on a full stomach, I shoved in many bites and took the other half to-go. 😛



3025 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140

Real Fine Food in Miami
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