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December 2015

Basil Park / Miami, Florida

Real Fine Food in Miami
Vegan food in Miami

Basil Park

Tim, the owner of Basil Park, ditched his last restaurant after a revelation. He was working out but still didn't feel healthy and was putting on pounds. So, he dove into learning about nutrition and sourcing and figured out he was putting the wrong things in his body. Now, with Basil Park, he offers balanced, tasty dishes with a menu spanning from humanely-raised meats to completely vegan options. Lots of the produce is sourced from business partner Tamer Harpke's local urban farm, Harpke Family Farm.  I love the Basil Park menu because it doesn't flag what is vegan, etc. It’s all just…good food. A diner can discuss choices with a server or safely order most anything on the menu and know they are getting nutritious food. 



• Something for everyone on the menu : vegetarian, vegan, fish, meat

• Tasty fresh juices & smoothies also available

• Pasture-raised chicken

• Their slogan is "Basil Park is built on the belief that  our bodies thrive when we eat the foods that nature intended. Unprocessed. Unadulterated. Uncompromising."



• The Peruvian-style tuna ceviche was delicious and I was nuts for the roasted carrots. Also, see decadent, totally plant-based chocolate dessert below. 😎


Basil Park

17608 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160

Real Fine Food in Miami
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