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Farmers Market 101

Farmers Markets are not all created equally. There are plenty around with vendors who sell the same mass-produced, pesticide-raised, harvested-too-early, flown-in products that you can get at your local big chain grocery. I've found Real Farmers to be friendly, open and enjoy the community they sell to. So, talk to the sellers - you will quickly learn how to spot imposter vendors and markets.



• Can answer any question you may have about their product

• Tell you where they are located, readily

• Generally, will sell product in any quantity rather than force pre-made piles

• Mostly offer seasonal vegetables that grow in the local climate

Like, someone selling "fresh" coconuts in Oklahoma...IMPOSTER! ;)



• Food grown with a loving hand is NOT perfect - shape, color, size will vary

• Bug nibbles are nature's sign of approval...poison-free + attractive

• There are so many varieties of everything - look for neat variations!



• Use your eyes and nose to spot prime product

• Food ripened on the tree / vine, etc - the scent! the flavor! The best it can be.

• Greens may wilt some in the heat of a market but are not "bad"

• Buy anything you are attracted to

• Try something completely unfamiliar!

• Ask the farmer how they like to cook it

• Google ideas at home

• Get creative as you figure out how to use up ingredients each week

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You will learn when your favorite fruit + veg seasons come and go and look forward to that time each year. Your tastebuds will get snobby and insist on eating faves only when at their seasonal prime. Eating seasonally feeds our bods with the natural rhythm of nutrient life and such. Win-win-win : Enjoying food at its best while supporting your local farmers and cutting down on transportation and shipping-energy waste.👌🏻

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