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We've been duped into the notion that daily, even in EVERY meal, meat and dairy is essential. However, this is the opposite of a healthy, balanced diet.


Obesity? High cholesterol? Heart Disease? Many Cancers? Early Puberty? 

Check out the hormones, antibiotics, filth, stress, pain & suffering present in factory livestock.

You don't want to eat that stuff.


We mostly need fresh plant nutrients.

There is no cholesterol or bad fat in ANY plant.

That stuff is 100% from animal product.

Your parents or grandparents ate steak, roasts, lamb, etc as a special occasion.

Maybe on Sundays. Or a holiday.

And the portion was much, much smaller. 

Why Eat Less Animal?

Our culture needs to cut way, way back on our animal product consumption.

Every once in a while, I falter when a craving hits but generally look for PASTURE-RAISED, SUSTAINABLE, SMALL FARM animal products.  


Yes it's more expensive. Yes, it's harder to find. For good reason. 

Eating a slaughtered animal should be special not commonplace.

For the animal's sake, people's health and our planet's well being.


The reality is...

• Animal agriculture wastes immense amounts of water - 850 gallons to produce a gallon of milk

• Farm animals are just as intelligent (in some cases, more) as our house pets

• Livestock production pollutes more than transportation

• 3/4 of the world's antibiotics go to livestock


Making a choice at every meal allows you to make a difference.


Cutting back animal product consumption saves: 


Factory Farmed chickens are unhealthy

1950 vs 2008


Chicken development used to be left to nature.

Now filled with hormones and drugs, they often grow too large to support their own bodies, in much less time. 😔


Kinda looks like the difference in people now VS then too, huh?

Cowspiracy Trailer

Leading environmental and government organizations refuse to discuss our biggest environmental destructor. 

Vegucated Trailer

Great film touching on how, why, what. Streams free on Netflix!

NYTimes Mark Bittman TED TALK

Mark discusses the overwhelming billions of animals farmed and consumed. 

Steve-O : What Came Before

The tv personality discusses animals' fates in the livestock industry. 

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