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The Basics

How to start a food philosophy change?

It doesn't require extreme measures.

Just by landing here, you have already started a journey.



Step One : No past guilt.

Nutrition has not been taught for the past few generations. We are in the dark, learning anew.

It is easy to have developed addiction to processed foods, animal products, sugars, fats, salts. 

Companies literally engineer their food-like products (and market) towards​ addiction.


Step Two : Listen to your body.

"All or nothing" may not be the best policy when it comes to diet. 

Restrictions seem to make people obsessive and sometimes sick. 

Personally, if I crave something, I take that as a signal I need it nutritionally.

Occasionally that means meat, fish or a fatty, fried plate.

But generally it's all about fresh, seasonal, nutritious plants and plant-based products.

Everyone is different and should do what feels right and healthy for them.


Ingredients to start cultivating your own Real Fine Food road : 

√  Sourcing Matters. A lot.

√  Fresh, In-season Produce

√  Seek Farm to Table Vendors

√  Local Farmer Farmer's Market

√  Know Your Farmer(s)

√  Get In Your Kitchen

  Grow Your Own

√  Minimize Dairy

√  Pastured Animal Product

Detailed info:


DAIRY - The Secret Offender

FOOD LABELS - I'm so Confused!

And read this post.




Many informative & entertaining docs are available to stream on Netflix / YouTube.

A few I enjoyed are below!

Hungry for Change 

Learn from those who have transformed. Your health is in your hands.

Food Matters

Health Industry=Sick Industry. Narcotics instead of nutrition. How is this? 

Food Fight
Leaders and Organizations working to educate and change our kitchens. 

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