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What's Up? I'm Stephanie.

I'm big on food created with integrity and devotion.

I eat mostly plant-based but not exclusively.

I prefer my sustenance free of: poisons, hormones, antibiotics, destruction and suffering. And packed with nutrients.


With Real Fine Food, I connect with people and businesses cultivating organic & biodynamic culture. Food with integrity from dirt to plate!

Why Real Fine Food?

You can click around the site for specifics but basically, it's :

• better for us

• better for animals

• better for our environment

• better for our communities, societal health + happiness


Here's the deal...

We have become completely removed from the source of our food. 


How it grows, what nature has perfected for us. As the saying goes, "If slaughter houses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian." Let's take that a step further - if we all understood how factory meat, dairy, vegetables, fruit and processed food was raised, treated, subsidized and processed, most would choose to eat completely different food. 


Eating good food shouldn't be elitist ($$$). 

ALL food sold should be fresh, clean, kind, nutritious and sustainable.

We shouldn't have to seek this stuff out, it should be the norm.


The Effects?

Drastically reducing meat, dairy, added hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals in diet and household makes a notable difference in mental and physical health.


• Learn what food REALLY tastes like...freshly picked, in-season...oh, the pleasure!

• Hardly ever get sick

• Clearer Skin 

• Calmness and Sound Sleep can be yours


Food Blogger focused on real food, organic food, healthy food, vegetarian

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Other Stuff

Most of my wardrobe and household is recycled / bought secondhand.

I practice yoga (bikram, currently).

Here's my creative biz consult company: LOVAGE INC.

And, of course, #AdoptDontShop



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What do they sell at Farmer's Markets?
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